Scott Golemon has spent more than 30 years as an attorney in Texas, handling civil law matters. He has a wealth of experience as a courtroom lawyer, including having handled over 50 appeals. He is committed to applying the laws as written, protecting the integrity of our legal system and upholding our Constitution.”

Lee Parsley, Texans for Lawsuit Reform

About Scott

“We have the greatest Judicial System in the world, which can only survive by the enforcement of our laws and our Constitution.

However, it is at a crossroads, because there are politicians, the media and some judges that are ignoring our laws, watering down our laws and/or blatantly refusing to enforce our laws.

I have been a civil trial attorney for over 31 years, handling cases all over the State of Texas. Unfortunately, in some of the trials I have handled across the State, I have personally seen Judges refuse to follow and enforce our laws, but instead have legislated from the bench.

This is why I want to be your Chief Justice of the 9th District Court of Appeals.

  • I will follow and enforce our laws.
  • I will NOT legislate from the bench.
  • I will uphold the Constitution and our laws that have made TEXAS GREAT and ensure fair and equal access and justice for all.”

W. Scott Golemon