“We have the greatest Judicial System in the world, which can only survive by the enforcement of our laws and our Constitution.

However, it is at a crossroads, because there are politicians, the media and some judges that are ignoring our laws, watering down our laws and/or blatantly refusing to enforce our laws.

I have been a civil trial attorney for over 31 years, handling cases all over the State of Texas. Unfortunately, in some of the trials I have handled across the State, I have personally seen Judges refuse to follow and enforce our laws, but instead have legislated from the bench.

This is why I want to be your Chief Justice of the 9th District Court of Appeals.

  • I will follow and enforce our laws.
  • I will NOT legislate from the bench.
  • I will uphold the Constitution and our laws that have made TEXAS GREAT and ensure fair and equal access and justice for all.”

W. Scott Golemon