Scott has been endorsed by several trusted organizations! Read their statements below….

Civil Lawyers for Good Judges PAC

Scott Golemon will bring the passion for following the law to the bench. He shares our belief in fairness and equal access to justice. With 31 years of experience of civil law experience, Scott Golemon is the best choice for upholding our laws and keeping Texas GREAT!

Republican Voters of Texas PAC

Republican Voters of Texas PAC endorses Scott Golemon for Chief Justice, 9th District court of Appeals. The Republican Voters of Texas PAC Proudly endorses Scott Golemon in his campaign for Chief Justice of the 9th District Court. Mr. Golemon has been a civil trial attorney for over 31 years, handling cases all over the State of Texas. He has also tried over 300 civil jury trials. The legal community agrees with his experience, and thus, he has been endorsed by Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Texas Civil Justice League (TCJL), and Civil Lawyers for Good Judges PAC. Scott has pledged to uphold our governing documents with integrity and has vowed not be an activist judge who legislates from the bench. Republican Voters of Texas PAC proudly stands behind Mr. Golemon and believe he is the choice for this very important court in Texas! Please get out and vote for Scott Golemon as your next Chief Justice for the Texas Court of Appeals! Early voting is June 29th – July 10th. Election Day is July 14th.

TCJL favors Conroe civil litigation specialist Scott Golemon over his runoff opponent. There is no Democrat in the race, so voters will pick the winner on March 3. His opponent is a former Assistant Nueces County Attorney who headed the office’s Civil and Criminal Divisions at different times. Golemon, on the other hand, has tried over 300 cases to a jury and also has family and criminal law experience. Scott Golemon possesses the best combination of practice experience to be an effective and productive chief justice of a court that, among other things, has played a central role in developing the law of eminent domain in Texas.

Texas Homeschool Coalition Texas Homeschool Coalition (THSC) endorses Scott Golemon for Chief Justice, 9th District court of Appeals. THSC works to provide families each election cycle with the best possible list of endorsements so that families can feel empowered to go to the polls to vote for the most pro-family and pro-homeschooling candidates in Texas! We partner with local leaders to establish vetting committees that interview every candidate before an endorsement is issued. The interview focuses on identifying a candidate’s heart for service and convictions about political and social issues.

Texas Patriots PAC

With 31 years’ experience as a civil trial attorney and extensive understanding of the Texas court system, Scott Golemon possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to immediately and effectively contribute to the Court’s heavy workload.  Additionally, he understands the need for good stewardship of state finances and has a clear plan for operating the court in a cost efficient manner.  His practice is state-wide, giving him the opportunity to experience first-hand the liberalization of Texas courts in many jurisdictions, which he considers a crisis.  Since rulings made by the District Court of Appeals are often the final decision rendered in a case, it is important to have an experienced, fair-minded person who does not legislate from the bench.  

There is no incumbent in this race since Chief Justice Steve McKeithen is retiring after 18 years on the bench.  The voters’ challenge is to replace Chief Justice McKeithen with an individual who will at least perpetuate, and hopefully bolster, the exceptional service Chief Justice McKeithen has provided.  This will require an individual who will:  1) complement and enhance the Court’s judicial conservative character; and 2) have the depth of experience and energy to be able to immediately contribute to the Court’s heavy workload.  Thankfully, Scott Golemon is such an individual and will be able to make a seamless transition into the Chief Justice role.

Texans for Lawsuit Reform

Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC (TLRPAC) endorses Scott Golemon of Conroe in his campaign for Chief Justice, 9th District Court of Appeals, which serves southeast Texas. “Each election cycle, TLRPAC supports judicial candidates who respect the rule of law and understand the importance of a fair and efficient legal system in our state,” TLRPAC General counsel Lee Parsley said. “Scott Golemon has spent more than 30 years as an attorney in Texas, handling civil law matters. He has a wealth of experience as a courtroom lawyer, including having handled over 50 appeals. He is committed to applying the laws as written, protecting the integrity of our legal system and upholding our Constitution.”